About Us



Our family run business was established in 2007 but we've been working in the roofing industry for over 17 years. Learn what our many years of experience can do for you; read what our clients have to say by following us on Facebook. Already a customer? Feel free to let us know what you think. Leave us a comment on Facebook or drop us a line.


I believe the most important factor in running a successful business is customer satisfaction – 30% of my business comes from customer referrals. My crew and I will provide you with roofing services in the timeliest manner and with an ongoing comprehensive quality control program to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We see each contract as an agreement not between a business and its clients, but between partners that wish to create a close and mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

We are industry experts that actually care about you as a customer.

I can promise you will have a great experience while working with us. We do everything to proper specifications, such as clean your gutters, clean the ground, tarp your belongings and magnet the ground for nails. You won’t know we worked on your home other than the beautiful new roof we leave you with. See for yourself!

Most importantly, WE CARE!


In addition to being licensed contractors, we offer a 2 year labour warranty, standing behind all our work. What's more, we're a fully insured business. We carry a minimum $2,000,000.00 liability insurance. If there's ever an incident while we are on the job, you are covered just the same as us. Our workers are all covered by WCB (Workers' Compensation Board). However, we do everything possible to prevent an incident or injury from happening by making sure all our workers have their fall protection training certification. We also have at least one certified first aid worker onsite at all times.

Employees and subcontractors at every level, including management, are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety initiatives. Complete and active participation by everyone, every day, in every job, is necessary for the safety among all workers on the job site.

As a homeowner or business owner you are taking on potential liability for the safety of the crew that you hire. To give you peace of mind, Carson Roofing Ltd. is a properly registered company with:

  • A current Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) account in good standing
  • Subcontractors who attend weekly Tool Box Meetings and perform daily Hazard Assessments of the workplace
  • All unsafe conditions identified, reported and corrected as quickly as possible
  • Subcontractors who are kept informed of changes to workplace health and safety regulations and industry best practices and procedures


  1. Parameter sweep performed
  2. Necessary personal belongings moved to safety
  3. Buildings and decks securely tarped
  4. Roof inspection performed
    • Pictures are taken of problem areas
  5. Tear off process
    • During the tear off process we strive to keep your roof as clean as possible, sweeping often
    • Even if we leave the roof briefly to retrieve something, we perform a ground spot check before we continue – our goal is to keep a 100% safe work site
  6. Roof gutters cleaned
    • We are so committed to full service customer satisfaction; we will even clean your gutters


We apply an ice and water shield to the bottom 3 feet of all eaves and in the valley areas. A synthetic felt underlayment is  then installed  over all sheathing. We do not leave any decking (sheathing) exposed. Other companies are known to leave the top areas or small areas open. We then add a drip edge metal along with the eave and gable edges to help protect from wind driven  rain.

One of our top choice shingles is the IKO Cambridge shingles. It’s laid down with a minimum  6-inch stagger pattern (step offset). We’ve seen other companies ignore these proper minimum requirements. We will then shingle with no less than 5 nails per shingle.For winter roofing we use 6 nails. We also ensure to spread our nails so that it’s not possible for one to end up in a keyway (joint areas). Nails in this area can cause potential leaks. Many other companies do not pay attention to the nail placement. 

For further details about us, our services or our products, feel free to ask us for more information! Contact Carson Roofing Ltd. and we'll be happy to address all your roofing questions and needs.