Sun tunnel


If you are interested in natural lighting, you may want to consider the newest development in skylights, called the sun tunnel. Opposed to traditional skylights, sun tunnels are small and flexible – perfect for small storage spaces, bathrooms or kitchens. The unique design of a sun tunnel allows it to be installed almost anywhere on your roof. The system can actually bend around any attic obstructions to maximize the amount of natural light in your home. Because of the small design, the amount of heat gained or lost during the seasons is minimal compared to that of a regular skylight. Sun tunnels are fairly easy to install and will reduce your energy usage, making for a greener home.

Ask us about sun tunnel installations and we can guide you through our process and have your new sun tunnel (or tunnels) installed during your roofing project, or as a project of its own. Contact Carson Roofing Ltd. for roofing services in Port McNeill, Vancouver Island and the surrounding areas.